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I’m a weird kid.
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Cashew nursery at the primary school cashew farm - Reality, most of these kids may become farmers or inherit the land of their fathers and mothers. Might as well start easy with some hands on lessons in tree nurseries and grafting. My hope is that the school cashew farm can be a leading example in the village for other farmers. We will see!  

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reminds me of my Lil Momma RIP baby

reminds me of my Lil Momma RIP baby

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CAROLINE’S STYLE: I’d say my style is my own combination of festival chic, street style and a little edge of sporty and rock girl. I love to combine feminine pieces like a feather jacket with high platforms and a snap back

INSPIRATION: I get inspired by music totally, to sing and dance makes me so happy even when I’m down.

BLOGGING VS. FASHION JOURNALISM: I think it’s great that we can get inspired by so many excellent fashion bloggers nowadays. I think it’s room for both and that each one can choose where they like to get inspired.

HOMETOWN GLORY: In Sweden most people are very fashion minded. Everyone cares in on way or another what to wear and I love that since its so inspiring. It doesn’t mean everyone follows fashion here, but so many minds of their own style.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT WEARING THIS SPRING? Actually I’m most excited of bare legs again. I’m totally a girl who loves wearing denim shorts in different styles - bleached, with studs on etc. I like to break it off with a cute flower bustier, sunnies and dr martens - my favorite look all time - perfect for the festivals!

WINTER FASHION: I love layers on layers. To match colors in different shades and to wear hats. I love hats, haha.

WHAT ROLE DOES SOCIAL MEDIA PLAY IN YOUR LIFE? Pretty much since I blog everyday and spends a lot of time doing it. It’s great with social media and open many doors but I think we have to learn that everyone is beautiful in their own way and not to compare with everyone.


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Sport Asymmetric Hemline Zip sweater available from Chicnova 
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Black Ankle Boots with Golden Metal Panel available from Chicnova 
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On set like MEEEEEeeeeee

On set like MEEEEEeeeeee

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ALEXANDRA’S STYLE: I’d like to say that I’m street-wear chic. Yes course, I can’t live without my beanies. 

INSPIRATION: A lot of things but my biggest inspiration is all the travels  i’m lucky to do every year. Then if i should quote someone i’d say that Rita Ora is my crush !

BLOGGING VS. FASHION JOURNALISM: I’m studying fashion journalism and i’m at the same time blogger, i think that we are in 2013 and everything is good to succeed. 

HOMETOWN GLORY: There’s no typical style in Paris, despite what you think. Every arrondissement (parisian districts) has is soul. 

WHAT ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT WEARING THIS SPRING? I can’t wait to wear my all new Jeffrey Campbell pumps!

WINTER FASHION: I love to discover brand new outrageous coats! And of wear my beanies. 

WHAT ROLE DOES SOCIAL MEDIA PLAY IN YOUR LIFE? A lot! I can’t spend time without my phone, looking Instagram, Facebook and everything. I’m Addicted, damn.


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Paris Fashion Week Streetstyle
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Street Style: Paris Fashion Week
Photographed by Phil Oh


Street Style: Paris Fashion Week

Photographed by Phil Oh

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